Primary Mental Health Care for Adults

As a Family Nurse Practitioner I offer diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, depression and ADHD. 

I have found that many adults want talk with their primary care providers about their mental health but find it stressful to fit it into a short office visit. Other times they feel like their primary care providers are excellent clinicians but their mental health skills aren't quite what they were looking for. 

I offer you the space and time to figure out what the problem is and how best to tackle it. My initial intake appointments are usually 1-2  sessions of 45 minutes to help diagnose the problem and look at treatment options. If we decide medication is right for you I can prescribe it. I often recommend therapy in addition to medication and I help you find a therapist who is right for you. 


I also offer some cognitive behavioral strategies that you can work on if you are on a wait list to see a therapist or if you are feeling ambivalent about therapy. 

If your therapist has referred you to me for medication then we can just dive right in. I frequently collaborate with therapists to provide you with the most comprehensive mental health care.